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We are a group of independent local film-makers with interests and experience in a wide range of film-making techniques, from cine-photography and animation through to digital editing, image manipulation and post processing. We welcome beginners; why not come for a free visit and meet our friendly crowd? See "About the Club" for where we meet.

Cartoons by Graeme.

Latest News

During the clubs active season, September to April, this page is normally updated on the Wednesday or Thursday of each week. From time to time I put up links on - where else but, the useful links page. Please have a look occasionally, and if you have any suggestions for permanent links or find any that have changed/are faulty, let me know. Thanks, Tim.

At the weekly meeting on Monday 25th January the topic of the night was micro-helicopters and there use in movie making. Three club members shared the presentation, Peter Parker first showing six different types of remote controlled helicopters varying in size from 9 inch across to 24 inches. The larger models can be used to carry a video camera on special mounts and he showed a documentary of the development of the micro helicopter in movie making. He continued to demonstrate the method of controlling the aircraft and explained the difficulties and how to overcome them. Dave Weatherley continued by showing the helicopter he currently uses and the method of control it incorporating a mobile phone to watch the on board camera picture while piloting. The third speaker was Peter Craven, a qualified pilot, who was able to explain the CAA regulations that have to be adhered to when flying micro helicopters. During the final part of the presentation a number of movies where shown with examples of what can be achieved when the helicopters are used to their best advantage both for action shots and landscape scenes.

K.T. Russell
Hon Sec

Over Road, Rail and Water edition 06 October 2014 ... Filmed and edited by .... Members of Morecambe Bay Movie Makers from Morecambe Bay Movie Makers on Vimeo.

For more videos of Heysham - M6 link road construction, go here.

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Monday Feb 2nd.

Warriner Trophy Competition.

This year’s subject is “Leisure”. Max length 5 minutes. To be judged by all non-competing club members.