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Latest tweets on M6 link road

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Latest tweets on Green Ayre Rises


We are a group of independent local film-makers with interests and experience in a wide range of film-making techniques, from cine-photography and animation through to digital editing, image manipulation and post processing. We welcome beginners; why not come for a free visit and meet our friendly crowd? See "About the Club" for where we meet.

Cartoons by Graeme.

Latest News

During the clubs active season, September to April, this page is normally updated on the Wednesday or Thursday of each week. From time to time I put up links on - where else but, the useful links page. Please have a look occasionally, and if you have any suggestions for permanent links or find any that have changed/are faulty, let me know. Thanks, Tim.

A message from David Chandler:

Hi all

Before I collapse in a heap, this is just a quick note to say thank you for all the help and support you have given during the Green Ayre Rises project.

We had 2100 visitors over the weekend and raised £4114 for St. John's Hospice. They are delighted.

Feedback from visitors has been excellent and the response to the 'Railway Memories' film was brilliant. (here) We had large groups sitting down and watching the whole thing and some of the ex Green Ayre men brought their children and grandchildren with them and they all watched it together, which was lovely. Jack Monks spoke to me yesterday, saying it was his 84th birthday and to watch the film with all the family at Green Ayre Rises was a perfect way to spend the day.

I couldn't have made that film without your help and I am really proud of the results. It was only when I saw the reaction to it this weekend that I realised just how good it is. Everyone was really impressed with it.

I know the two days of the event were a bit hectic for those of you that came down to film - I'm sure you still got plenty of footage though and we will have a good record of the event to show later in the year.

Thank you all again for everything and please pass on my thanks to your colleague who came on Sunday, as I don't have his email.


Over Road Rail and Water Edition 22-23 March April 2016 ..filmed and edited by ...members of Morecambe Bay Movie Makers from Morecambe Bay Movie Makers on Vimeo.

Watch any or all of our Videos above, or go straight to our Vimeo site here: Morecambe Bay Movie Makers

For just the videos of the Heysham - M6 link road construction or latest short news updates, go here.

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May till September 2016

We start our informal meetings in the Owls Nest, Bare in May on the second Monday and continue through until September starting at 7.30ish until going home time. This will keep us in touch and allow us to organise the summer activities as well as enjoying a drink and a few laughs.

Noggin dates - Mondays 9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 8th August and 12th September.

We will restart normal weekly meetings on September 26th